Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Rusted

Junkyards provide such interesting opportunities!  I kept stumbling into abandoned cars, and then a competition theme of “antique auto” came up, so I keep rolling with it.  I do pull my car over to the side of the road whenever I see an old car sitting in a field.  Stumbling across this field of Lincolns filled my imagination with stories of who used to drive these cars, where they traveled, the music they played, the road-trips and plans they carried…

…there’s a bit of sweet melancholy that sweeps over me, as nature takes over these rusting old cars, it’s a reminder of  part of the bigger cycle and circles of life.

I have a mantra “find beauty everywhere” and I had a dream that gave me guidance for artistic technique. Most days, life hands you something obvious and beautiful – field of sunflowers, tulips, a sunset, rain on the window…butterflies. There are, of course, times where life hands you nothing but chaos, broken things, things smelly enough to make your nose wrinkle.

For my latest photography self-challenge, I visited an old junkyard. Could I bring this mantra into the most rusty and broken down place?

The first challenge was to get beyond sensory overload. There’s so much ‘stuff’ piling up it’s difficult not to get dizzy with shiny object mentality (or rusty object, more likely.) This past winter I had plenty of recuperation time to study Miksang photography lessons, mindfulness techniques, etc. I’d bring my arsenal of experience to ‘find beauty in a junkyard’.

These surroundings required me to look a little deeper, become a bit quieter, and observant to find that special and unique discovery. Sometimes it was the angle of the landscape, sometimes as simple as a macro of rust, other times just focusing on the colors.

Sorry, because images get shared a little too liberally online, I only upload small low res samples online. However,  if you are interested in purchasing a print, please contact me.