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I pressed the button… again!

I’ve decided that I am going to create 6 Tiny Books.

I pressed the publish button on the second book “Tiny Book of Patina and Petals”   This production wasn’t as smooth as the others.  Somehow, the book order travelled all around the globe before it reached me.  The corrected and edited book took a a while to get to me as well, because of Covid-19 pandemic delays.  It was stuck at Customs in Boston MA and I had to await the package to be inspected.

It was a lesson in patience and now that it has arrived, I can begin working on Tiny Book #3


Sky of gray, fields of gold

Chasing the Comet

Unboxing the Book — So Excited!

So – it’s happening!  I have unboxed the first print run of The Tiny Book of Totem Animals.  I’m thrilled with the quality of the paper, colors (except for one strange page, but I’m my worst critic.)    Prepping the website for sales…. have my envelopes ready for shipping!  Sneak preview here…

I pressed the button…

Order confirmed!  The Tiny Book of Totem Animals will be coming to my door within the next 7 days!    Originally it was a tiny, tiny book — and I scratched that idea because it was really far too tiny.  It was difficult, but not impossible to read, and the quality of photo paper should be better with this production company.

Nervous and excited!  Yes and Yes!

WPRI Pic of the Day – August 30, 2018

My photo was selected as WPRI’s Pic of the Day.   It was of stacked seaglass with the Bristol Town Beach in the background.

The sweetest part of this story is that both my mom and dad saw this announced on the television.   Mom was in the hospital.  Dad was home.  Dad called me to tell me that I was just on the air.  At the same time, Mom called Dad and got a busy signal.  Dad called Mom and they both said at the same time that they heard my name and saw the photo on the television.  Mom said it was better than a receiving a greeting card.  😉

April 2018 – A Story About Owls

Photographs and an article about Screech and Snowy Owls for the Spring 2018 edition of DreamTime Magazine:  “A Story from my Ordinary Waking Life”

If you like this story, and are interested in Spirit / Totem animals, and would like to see other beautiful spirits that I have photographed, please visit my Fine Art America page:

Click on the image above to download the article “A Story from my Ordinary Waking Life”

Nov 24, 2017 – Prize Winner

I woke up this morning to discover that I won the Photo of the Week $100 prize from local television station WPRI. It was of the pre-Thanksgiving forest / river picture that I posted on Facebook the other day. I get to treat myself to some shopping at the camera store! Wahooo!

Somewhere in Iceland

Big Sur, before the landslide

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