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My photography career training and experience started as a photojournalist for a weekly newspaper. My assignments required me to seek out appropriate photographic opportunities at a wide variety events: ribbon cutting, awards ceremonies, business openings, public forums, etc

Green Corn Thanksgiving, Narragansett Indian Tribe

338th Annual August Meeting/Green Corn Thanksgiving – Charlestown, RI

Hundreds of people had arrived at the reservation for the two-day Green Corn Festival.

“We come here under the auspices of our Creator, and we offer our prayers, our ceremonies, our dances and our songs…”

“Your very essence is spiritual.”

A Decade After 9/11: Lost But Not Forgotten

Sponsored by the Rhode Island Community for Justice sponsored the Tenth Anniversary memorial event. Friends and family members of Rhode Islanders who perished during 9/11 will join us at the ceremony and will be torchbearers for Waterfire at its conclusion.

Drum, Dance and Dream for Peace, 2011

Between June 18 and June 28, there were drumming circles held globally, concluding with a drumming ceremony at the 28th Annual Conference of the International Association for the Study of Dreams in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. Photos from the closing ceremony in Kerkrade, Netherlands.

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