How many words for amazing are in the thesaurus?

My tour of New Mexico began in Alburquerque and through private ranch land near Placitas with New Mexico (private) Jeep Tour. They offer an incredible experience. Roch is a phenomenal guide, providing explanations about the history of the land, flora, ruins and artifacts. He sincerely cares about the land management (enough to stop the jeep to water some newly growing stalks of corn). He’s very well versed about the animals and the protection of the environment. He’s personable, great humor, and a dang good Jeep driver! Never once did I feel insecure driving through rough terrain, up the mountain area, or through the arroyo.

2013 new mexico small

The highlight for me personally was to see not one, not two, but THREE bands of wild horses, followed by mule deer jumping over the top of the rocks. The third herd ran in a zig-zag pattern right before our eyes. Connecting with that type of natural energy is inspiring.

roswell new mexico laura atkinson

Roswell New Mexico — I asked a local what time it was and he answered “Time is irrelevant with the Alien culture.” Well, okay then.

Side trips included a driving tour of Encino / Vaughn / Placitas / Jemez Mountains and Roswell to say hello to the aliens.   There were some challenges to this trip, including the US Government closure, which required all National Parks to close. It required shifting and being flexible to travel plans.  One of the best parts of the trip was to soak in the healing waters of the inverted volcano. It’s a hidden gem in the heart of the Jemez Mountains…

volcano waters healing laura atkinson