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Now THAT’S a Storm

Kerkrade, The Netherlands – Mercury has reached the feel like temp 104 degrees.  It’s humid.  I’m on my third shower.  I’ve a pounding travel headache that just won’t quit.  I’m going to bed….

…or not.

About an hour after I turned my face to the fan, I opened my eyes to what I thought was flashbulbs.  There was no thunder.  I opened the windows to my room and noticed the dramatic drop in temperature.  Then… the rain.  It was an electric storm like I’ve never seen before.

I didn’t think I’d have have time to setup my tripod, so I just sat really still with my shutter open, hoping to catch some of the dramatic skies.  Little did I know that lightning would streak across the sky for a full 45 minutes.



There’s something magical about a field of wildflowers.  It’s soothing to watch these delicate, tall flowers wave in the breeze.  This particular field was home to hot yellow finches.

I hope you enjoy this little video that I put together, a combination of photo stills and brief video clips.

Breathe in… breathe out…. find beauty everywhere.


I love to laugh.  Tie it into photography and it makes me giggle even more.  Here’s the meme I stumbled into that make me think about my style…  I’m a little bit rock concert, a little bit peek-a-boo.

whats your style

Hello world!

In June 2016, I decided to give some dedicated time to upgrading my own website since my services and offerings have changed over the past couple of years.

My website now will focus purely on photography.  Before, it was a mish-mashed blend of freelance graphic and web-design samples, photography, dreamwork, etc. I can still send you an online portfolio of examples of my design work…. but since I am now employed full time, I can only accept freelance web and graphic design projects on a case-by-case basis. These are generally smaller projects, like advertising design, book covers, postcards and other marketing material.  I have met some amazing designers along the road, and if I happen not to be available, I will proudly refer you to them.

My intention is to shift towards photography lessons, workshops, travel — in my spare time.  This keeps me creative, balanced, happy!  Teaching and connecting with others is a joy — watching creativity unfold and reaching aha! moments are a pleasure.   Plus, I love to travel.  So why not incorporate all of that.

In 2013 I became a certified, card carrying, PRESS photographer again — with a focus on the Travel and Tourism industry.


press credentials 2013 through current

Thayere Memorial Library – Every Door Direct Campain AWARD!

I was just notified that a Every Door Direct campaign invitation that I designed for the 150th Birthday Party for Thayer Memorial Library in Lancaster, MA was awarded a second place prize in the category “Advertisement” by the Massachusetts Library Association.

Thayer Memorial Library received Second Place in the category Advertisement for its Birthday Invitation which was sent to every household in Lancaster to recognize 150 years of public service. Library Director Joseph Mulé was presented with a certificate by MLA Public Relations Committee at the PR Awards Ceremony. Mr. Mulé mentioned, “This is the first time in recent memory the Library has been recognized in this way”, upon learning about the award. He added, “We’re honored to receive this prestigious award”.

(Thank you Kim Gallahue Tellert for the referral.)

Rhode Island Criminal Justice – Event

November 21, 2011

Lost but Not Forgotten. On September 10th, RICJ commemorated the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at the Wall of Hope. Family members of Rhode Islanders who perished carried torches to begin that evening’s WaterFire, and RICJ announced the commission of a new artwork installation to be created by local artist, Nicole Cooney, that will bear the names and faces of the 12 Rhode Islanders whose lives were lost in the attack on 9/11. Throughout the following month the art project was successfully funded through Kickstarter—we will report more details in the next newsletter. The following are photos from the event, courtesy of Laura Atkinson.

Summertime RI as seen on TV – Turn to 10 News

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