Hands on Workshops 

I’m scheduling several new workshops to bring your photography to the next level. From learning the basics, using photography as a meditative practice of observation, to fun-filled challenge workshops – I’ll guide you to achieve your creative goals.   Post-processing workshops are currently being explored through affiliate software programs.  Bookmark this page to be notified about dates, prices and registration.

img_0259Bring on the Butterflies (Beginner) 

  • A small group workshop, with special hours for photographers only at a butterfly sanctuary. Participants will be given tips, techniques, and post processing software tips.

Autumn in New England (Beginner) 

  • pond-waterfallThere’s nothing more beautiful than Autumn in New England.  Travel together to some of the most beautiful landscapes in the area at the peak of leaf-peeping season.  Details and locations are of course dependent on Mother Nature… info coming soon!

Going Beyond the Preset Buttons (Beginner / Intermediate)

  • It’s time to take control of you imagery by moving beyond the auto functions and preset buttons.  We’ll gently venture into that mysterious Manual mode, and gain knowledge about aperture, shutter speed and depth of field.

The Night Sky (Beginner / Intermediate) 

  • by-the-shore“There is nothing more beautiful than seeing you sleep next to your tripod under a starry sky”  Learn techniques of capturing the star and skies, how to capture shooting stars, star trails.  We’ll also experiment with some light painting techniques!  Bring your lawn chairs and sleeping bags, a tripod and a shutter release and we’ll have a photo party under the stars.

Water in Motion – Going with the Flow (Beginner / Intermediate)

  • img_7231A hands on afternoon / sunset workshop held at the water’s edge at a few locations in the New England region. We’ll all meet, a presentation with examples of technique will be shown, then off to the waterfalls and waterways we’ll go.  Discover techniques to create beautiful smoky-milky flow to stop action high-impact wave crashes.

Photo Challenge Workshop Afternoon (Beginner / Intermediate) 

  • Participants will be given a whole bunch of props and themes, and then they have the afternoon to get creative!

The Art of Contemplative Photography (Intermediate) 

  • p1150198Based on the upcoming book Focus on the Dream.  Photography can be used as meditative tool for contemplating life and dreams.  Learn the art of mindful photography, dreams, simplicity and design.