I love making photographs of people, using natural lighting, in beautiful settings.  Multi-generations, single children, recently engaged couples…especially when they are in the moment – enjoying each other and their surroundings.  (It tickles me when people spontaneously ask me to take their photo, and they have no idea that I’ve been making photos for over 30 years.  I’ve never said no.)

Mini Sessions run approximately 25 minutes and result in six 8×10 photographs that will be supplied to you on CD (or via email, your preference), that you will own and may have permission to print / reproduce.  $99

Half day Sessions generally run 3 hours, and can include outfit changes, and 2-3 locations within driving distance.  Depending on the type of session, you will receive 25-30 8×10 photographs on CD (or via email) that you will own and may have permission to print / reproduce.
Starting at $350

Business Event photography: 

If you have a business or non-profit event, conference, theater production, artists reception, grounds breaking and/or awards ceremony, community program, or private event that needs independent photography coverage, please contact me.

My photography career training and experience started as a photojournalist for a weekly newspaper. My assignments required me to seek out appropriate photographic opportunities at a wide variety events: ribbon cutting, awards ceremonies, business openings, public forums, etc.

Half Day Session Example:
3 locations, three change of outfits.

Mini Session Sample
Informal, Save-The-Date Wedding Announcement

Event Photography Session

These photos were taken at Rhode Island’s 10th Anniversary of 9/11 in DownCity Providence at a special Water Fire event. Friends and family members of Rhode Islanders who perished during 9/11 joined the ceremony and there were torchbearers for Waterfire at its conclusion.  I just happened to be there that night.  After their photographer failed to show, the organizer was asking people in the crowd if they could take photos.  I explained I was a former photojouranlist and would cover the event.  I followed them for the entire evening.  Because I was not expecting to be doing event photography, I had to rely on the equipment that I had with me, and use only natural light available.  I supplied them with 85-100 photographs which they used in their publications and newsletters.

I did not charge them for my services.