How can an individual or couple move into a deeper state of healing if they are surrounded by sterile, white hospital walls?

I am pulling together a collection titled: “Simplicity Series”, mindfully selected imagery to enhance therapeutic spaces. They are a perfect choice for psychotherapy offices, massage therapy rooms, meditation & holistic workshop spaces, and waiting rooms. If you are looking for your space to hold sense of calm, tranquility in partnership with nature, please consider these images.

  • Mindfully investing in your therapeutic space creates positive energy to be in alignment with the goal of the therapy you provide.
  • You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on remodeling your office. A small investment into your environment can pay off in the long term.
How to Purchase:

Images are available to purchase from Fine Art America.  I have chosen Fine Art America because of their fair pricing, and high quality prints, and customer satisfaction with delivery services.   If you need a large scale print, wallpaper, or mural size, please email me.  I partner with a New England based printer for those sizes.fineart

Simplicity Series #1:  Patience and Time

Background story of these photographs: This series was taken over a 12 month period.  I revisited the same spot.  I was drawn to the space.  Stumbling into this place first during winter, I assumed that the snow was covering a path.  My return after a Spring rain revealed it was a small river through the woods.

Recently, Lightning Tree Therapy and Dream Counseling in California purchased the Patience and Time series to enhance their private counselling / therapy space. They are specialists in grief and loss using multi modality therapeutic techniques.  I personally believe that a lot of what gets solved in therapy requires just what these images portray…adjusting to the seasons of change… patience… and time.  Frozen emotions revealing perceptions, growth, flow, change, and beauty within the process if you take a moment and look for it.

patience and time series laura atkinson copyright

How these images look in a therapeutic space (photos supplied by client).


Simplicity Series #2:  Patience and Time

In all honesty, this was an unintentional study in seasons of change.  This just happens to be my favorite part of the park, and I just happened to stand in the same place in two favorite seasons.  When the photos were layered, they were the exact same angle.

season1 season2

“The room itself plays an important role, as it becomes the physical “holding environment” where the therapist conveys to the patient that he or she is safe to explore those areas within him/herself that are threatening or causing distress.”   Dr Jose Ribas