The Tiny Book of Patina & Petals by Laura Atkinson ©2020

Featuring photographs by Laura Atkinson, The Tiny Book of Patina & Petals is available to order.

Inspired by a dream

“Look for small patterns of beauty in every moment, the way his hand holds yours, the pattern of your dress, the taste of the tea that you drink. Be overwhelmed with the colors of simplicity.”

Dream Journal Entry 11/24/2006

“Why did I decide to create a photography book combining the natural beauty of flower petals and the decay of rusty objects? Even the petals of the prettiest roses will begin as a tight bud, open to a full bloom, and then fall, leaving a pattern of natural potpourri on the ground. Everything man-made has a beginning, construction, use, and obsolescence in its final junkyard resting place. Everything has a life cycle. Photography is a way to capture those colors, stories, and memories for just a little bit longer.  I asked myself “Could I bring the Find Beauty Everywhere mantra into the rustiest and broken-down place?” Could it be possible to make artful images by capturing beautiful photographs of a subject that is inherently not so beautiful? As a coincidence, I was invited to secret location with a handful of other photographers. We were on our way to an incredibly old junkyard. I would bring my arsenal of experience to ‘find beauty in a pile of junk.”

Links are provided to every image in the book that may be ordered in almost any size up to 40″x 40″ square, and many of them are printable on other products (like pillows, cell phone cases, coffee mugs.)  A small investment in some wall art will make your space special!


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