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Chincoteague Island, Virginia

Chincoteague is best known as the island where the wild horses roam free.  It’s on Virginia’s Eastern Shore, and there are plenty of quaint hotels to choose from.  The area does highly cater to tourist during the summer season.  My first visit was off season, during the spring, before the heat / humidity and mosquitoes arrived.  There is a small admission to the area where the wild ponies are, and even include Assateague to the ticket, and it’s well worth the price.  You can drive slowly through the paved loop and see the ponies off in the distance.  If you are lucky, and quiet, they will come quite close to you.   Assateague is about 30 minutes away, and also offers the same wild pony experience, only there is pale sand beach.

horseonthedunes-laura atkinson

chincoteague laura atkinson

Floyd, Virginia

Floyd a is a beautiful little country area in the heart of Blue Ridge Mountains.  It’s a one-traffic-light town, filled with more artists and musicians per capita than statistically probable. In July & August the butterflies arrive en masse.

The fresh mountain air and friendly people are a refreshing change from the hubbub and buzz of city life.  Quaint little consignment stores, fresh food right from the earth, a store based on the honor system, music in the evenings with barbeques, and plenty of little animals to keep a nature lover happy.

This mountain town has plenty to offer. Funky clothing stores, an active library, and spectacular mountain views! Rumor has it that this is sacred space declared by Edgar Cayce to be a safe place to be for the earth changes and shifts.  I can believe it!

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

For an entirely different vibe, try a shore vacation at Virginia Beach!  There’s plenty of sun and fun to sample!  Pods of wild dolphins can be seen from the shore, or you can rent a kayak or take a boat tour.  Plenty of sun and sand options to choose from.(I personally recommend the Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center within walking distance of the boardwalk, and views of the Chesapeake Bay from every room.)